*sits in the corner poking a dead frog*
“Was I forgotten”

Anonymous asked:
For that Mamodo World Championship Dany vs Taso-Lon/Zofis vs Zeno/Fango vs Reycom/ Hyde vs Cut 'n' Pates/ Cherish vs Pamoon/Zatch vs Tia

hmm sounds good, but for some its like over kill, I like those ideas though.

i think ive done this before


i just thought of an awesome fan fiction idea…… MAMODO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.
i was thinking if you guy could tell me who you want to see fight each other and i will post it as soon as possible characters can be anyone.

Anonymous asked:
I love Danny and Cherish they're the mot realistic like couple and it seems more sense

i totally agree with you.
did some one say OTP 

It’s weird how compatible their personalities are …
Mr. Goldo/Lorax


Look out, Danny; you don’t want the Lorax stepping on your toes.
Danny/Truffula Tree


I oddly enjoy this paring

One of my two favorite characters